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Ambien (Zolpidem)

Drug Name: Ambien
Tablet Package: 10mg
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Ambien is a drug that has really gained popularity as a sedative. This drug, whose generic name is Zolpidem, is used by people suffering from various sleep disorders. This drug is classified as a non-benzodiazepine, meaning that there is very low risk of becoming addicted to the drug.

Ambien is a very popular drug in the US and Europe. This is because sleeping difficulties such as insomnia are on the rise in these regions. This means that the demand for Ambien online has gone up significantly. This fact-acting drug should be taken before one goes to sleep for the best results.

Buying Ambien

So as to get Ambien legally, you have to consult a doctor and get a prescription. The prices of this medication online are quite competitive, meaning you can easily get an amazing deal on the drug when buying online. also, high quality Ambien is available when you visit a legitimate and genuine online pharmacy.

Clinical Indications

Ambien was developed to help people with sleeping issues including inability to fall asleep, interrupted sleep, insomnia, night awakenings, among others.

Dosage Information

This drug is only designed for oral use. Since it is very potent, the dose should be kept to the most effective but minimal dose. This dose must be determined by a doctor following a consultation and evaluation of your condition.

Ambien pills come in a dosage of 10 mg. it is recommended to never take more than one pill a day. For those suffering from liver disorders such as elderly people, half a pill should be taken a day. A full 10 mg pill should only be taken in extreme cases.

Ambien should be taken right before bed. It should never be taken while or before operating a vehicle or any other form of machinery as Ambien may affect concentration. The treatment using Ambien goes on for about 2-3 weeks. If the treatment should be extended, your doctor will inform you. Do not take Ambien for more than 3 weeks without the period being extended by your doctor.

In the case of prolonged treatment, avoid sudden interruption of the treatment as this may result in rebound symptoms.


Apnea, airway diseases, kidney or liver disorders, breastfeeding women, pregnant women, children below the age of 18 years, allergy to the medication and alcohol or drug addiction.

Side Effects

Urticarial fever, itching, allergic reactions, muscular weakness, loose stool, dizziness, abdominal pain, dizziness and headaches.

Taking the Drug

This medication should be started out on the lowest dose. This greatly reduces the risk of suffering the side effects. This drug is very potent. Ambien is recommended for daily use. It should be taken on a daily basis right before bed for the best results.

A recommended start dose of 0.5 mg should be taken daily. if this proves not enough, the dose can be increased to 1 mg. This medication is guaranteed to treat sleep disorders. This medication should be stored well, away from moisture and sunlight and in a secure area, away from children.