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Imovane (Zopiclone)

Drug Name: Imovane
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Imovane is the brand name of the generic drug Zopiclone, which falls under the grouping of non-benzodiazepines. What it does is help in speeding up the process of falling asleep, reducing the frequency of awakenings during the night, stabilizing and maintaining a regular sleeping cycle, as well as keeping the proper correlation of a person’s nightly sleeping phases.

An important point to note with regard to Zopiclone is the fact that it does not accumulate in the user’s body nor does its’ broken down metabolites, which makes it a much-preferred choice of remedy for people going through the challenges mentioned above as well as related sleep disorders and discomforts.

The availability of Imovane for online purchase has brought about quick, effective, and affordable relief to countless long-suffering patients.

Purchasing Imovane

It is always important that you consult with your attending physician for the legal taking of Imovane, in order to ensure your well-being and the drug’s effectiveness. We take pride in being able to provide quality pharmaceuticals to our customers at prices that are well below those of other companies. Our continued standard of excellence and commitment to providing our clients with the absolute best service at competitive rates is a guarantee bolstered by our rapidly expanding network of Canadian pharmacies.


Imovane is effective in the treatment of varying degrees and presentations of insomnia and related conditions. It does this by reducing the occurrence of night-time awakenings, speeding up the falling asleep process, and generally increasing the amount of night-time rest a person gets. Moreover, Zopiclone has certain properties that go toward helping you feel considerably more refreshed, energized and rested upon waking up in the morning as a result of having a quality night’s rest.

Administration and Dosage

The duration the drug is to be taken should be strictly monitored and regulated in accordance with the patient’s age and the severity of insomnia being experienced.

In instances of mild insomnia, this should be 2-5 days, while severe insomnia calls for no more than 2-4 weeks of medication unless under the direct instruction of the patient’s attending physician.

Imovane should be taken right before sleep in the following dosages:

  • Adults (below 65 years old) – 1 pill (7.5mg) every 24 hours
  • Adults (over 65 years old) – ½ a pill (3.75mg) every 24 hours initially to adapt, going up to 7.5mg if deemed necessary.
  • People living with pulmonary insufficiencies or liver dysfunctions should only take ½ a pill every 24 hours.


Zopiclone is not recommended for usage by people with the following conditions; impaired kidneys, liver disease, myasthemia gravis, respiratory insufficiency, and sleep apnea. Those currently in the pregnancy-lactation cycle are also advised against using the drug.

Any strange behavior and thought patterns experienced while undertaking a course of Imovane should be reported immediately to one’s attending physician. These behavior changes might appear similar to signs of intoxication from alcohol or drug use.

Possible Side-Effects

The following side-effects have been reported among users of Imovane; dizziness, sleepiness, abdominal discomfort, headaches, bitter-tasting mouth, nausea, dry mouth, vomiting, lack of coordination, general weakness, and skin irritation.


It should be noted that the usage of Imovane should be carried out on an individual basis according to the age of the patient and severity of insomnia presented according to the guidelines on dosage and administration outlined.

Ensure that your medicine is always stored away from heat, light, and moisture, out of the reach of children and pets.