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Kamagra (Sildenafil Citrate)


Kamagra is a phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor. Having all characteristics of Viagra, the drug’s cost is by several times cheaper, and it helps to return potency regardless of a man’s age. The drug contains Sildenafil. This ingredient acts as an additional stimulant for your potency. Taking Kamagra you will have erection faster and maintain it during entire sexual intercourse. The main condition for the work of Kamagra is a sexual arousal.

Kamagra does not enhance a sexual arousal all by itself. Sildenafil launches the natural processes leading to the increase of the erection. The mechanism of the action is conditioned by the dilation of the blood vessels and an increase of the blood circulation in the penis during the sexual arousal.

However, Kamagra does not cure of the erectile dysfunction. The drug has a restricted period of the action. It usually works within 4-5 hours but the length of the action may take 6-8 hours in separate cases. It depends on the individual peculiarities of the male body and a dose.

In what dose is Kamagra taken?

A common dose of Kamagra for the adjustment of the erectile function is 100 mg. But this dose may does not work for you. People who take it for the first time may have headache and even high blood pressure during the use of the maximal dose. In order to avoid it, start taking Kamagra from the dose of 50 mg (a half of the pill).

Your dose will be hard within 4 hours after the use of the pill even in the minimal dose. In 3-4 times of the use, you may increase the dose and no side effects will appear.

Kamagra starts working in an hour after the use. You should be ready to this, and therefore you should plan the use of the pill, so that you will be ready during a sexual activity.

Kamagra may be used once per day.


  • Do not take Kamagra within a year after myocardial infarction and/or stroke
  • If you have an uncontrolled arterial hypertension, glaucoma, or serious penis deformation, do not take the pills
  • Kamagra is not prescribed men under 18 years old and women
  • Do not take Kamagra if you have consumed alcohol or narcotic products within the past 12 hours

Side Effects

An advantage of Kamagra is no side effects. The drug is well tolerated and negative symptoms may appear only during the overdose or the use of the drug during alcohol consumption. Due to neglected precautions, nausea, vomiting, headache, and tachycardia may happen.

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